Module CC6

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Which two transport layer protocols enable hosts to communicate and transfer data? (Choose two.)

What are two ways that a user can interact with an operating system shell? (Choose two.)

All hosts within a domain receive the same frame that originates from one of the devices. The domain is also bounded by routers. What type of domain is this?

What is the function of the DNS server?
*It translates a computer or domain name to the associated IP address.

Which protocol is used to transfer files among network devices and perform file-management functions?

What is the function of the DNS server?
*It translates a computer or domain name to the associated IP address.

Which of the following are the address ranges of the private IP addresses? (Choose three.)
* to
* to
* to

Which statement accurately describes what network devices do in the distribution layer of the three layer design model?
*They interconnect local network segments.

What is the default subnet mask for an IP address of

Refer to the graphic. What is the purpose of assigning a Network Name of Academy?.
*It identifies the wireless LAN.

Which connection requires a straight-through cable?
*switch port to router port

What is a service pack?
*a collection of patches and updates released by a vendor

What action will a router take when it receives a frame with a broadcast MAC address?
*It will not forward the frame to another network.

A user is unable to send e-mail. While troubleshooting this problem, the network technician first verifies the physical connectivity of cables. Which troubleshooting approach is being followed?

How does a crossover cable connect two routers?
*It connects the pins that are used for transmitting on one router to the pins that are used for receiving on the other router

How do ISPs obtain public IP addresses?
They obtain the addresses from the Internet registry

For an IP address, what component decides the number of bits that is used to represent the host ID?
*subnet mask
What are two examples of storage peripheral devices? (Choose two.)
*external DVD
*flash drive

Which statement is true concerning stateful packet inspection?
*Access is permitted only if it is a legitimate response to a request from an internal host

What are two characteristics of a MAC address? (Choose two.)
*It is a physical address.
*It is displayed in HEX characters.

What layer is the first point of entry for a host into the network?
*access layer

What is the most common reason that ISPs provide asymmetrical transfer services?
*to work with applications that require significant bandwidth

Refer to the exhibit. An organization needs to connect PC systems that use private IP addressing to the Internet. The organization has multiple systems that need to access the Internet, but were only able to purchase one public IP address. What should be activated on the Linksys integrated router to achieve this goal?

An organization would like to provide services for its remote employees. The organization wants to provide e-mail services and access to a company website that requires secure authentication. What two choices are required to support those services? (Choose two)
*web server using port 443
*POP3 server

Refer to the exhibit. What is the effect of setting the security mode to WPA on the Linksys integrated router?
*The WPA security mode generates a dynamic key each time a client establishes a connection with the AP.

What are the two possible values for a digital bit? (Choose two.)

Refer to the exhibit. Assume that the command output is from a wireless DHCP client that is connected to a Linksys integrated router. What can be deduced from the output?
The wireless NIC driver or the NIC itself needs to be reinstalled.
The wireless connection is operational.
The WEP key or SSID needs to be verified.
The DHCP configuration on the router needs to be verified.
Which wireless authentication method uses the same key for the AP and the client?

What is the purpose of spam filter software?
*It examines incoming e-mail messages to identify the unsolicited ones.

What wireless technology has the ability to communicate with many devices at the same time, makes use of the 2.4 GHz band, and is limited to low-speed, short-range communications?

Select three statements that correctly describe how DHCP services may be provided. (Choose three.)
*A variety of devices can act as DHCP servers, as long as they run DHCP service software.
*Most home network integrated routers receive an IP configuration directly from their ISP.
*An integrated router can act as both DHCP server and DHCP client.

When terminating UTP cabling, why is it important to untwist only a small amount of each wire pair?
*minimizes crosstalk

Refer to the exhibit. Assume that the exhibited output is from a host that is connected to a Linksys integrated router. What is the first thing that should be checked if using a bottom-up troubleshooting approach?
*the link status LED on the front of the router

What does the term “attenuation” mean in data communication?
*loss of signal strength as distance increases

Which type of computer has an integrated mouse?
Refer to the exhibit. The security policy of an organization allows employees to connect to the office intranet from their homes. Which type of security policy is this?
*remote access

Which media is used to carry electrical pulses that represent digital data?
*copper cable

When considering the purchase of a new operating system, what is meant by “Total Cost of Ownership?”
*hardware, software, and support costs
Refer to the exhibit. A user on host A sends an e-mail to the user on host B. Which type of message does host A send?

Which two components are configured via software in order for a PC to participate in a network environment? (Choose two.)
*subnet mask
*IP address

For the second time in a week, workstations on a LAN are not able to log into the server. The technician fixed the problem the first time, but cannot remember the steps taken to solve it. What aspect of the troubleshooting process has the technician neglected?
*documenting the troubleshooting process

What is the meaning of the term crosstalk?
*interference of signals between wire pairs
What is the name given to the area covered by an ad hoc network in a WLAN?
*Distribution System (DS)

When is a dial-up connection used to connect to an ISP?
when a regular telephone line is used

Which two statements are true about network applications? (Choose two.)
*Network applications are installed on a network server.
*Network applications are accessible from a remote computer.

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